An American Airborne Epic Part 1


The creative team at Whizz Films have spent over three years meticulously researching this story.

They were privileged to gain an exclusive and extraordinary insight into the experiences of the few remaining members of 3/506th P.I.R, 101st Airborne Division. Although originally intended as an episodic television series, the producers have now decided to make two films, 'The Forgotten Battalion' part 1, which starts with the men volunteering for the newly formed 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment. The film then follows them through their unique training at Camp Toccoa, Georgia and finally through to D-Day and the battle for Normandy.

'The Forgotten Battalion' part 2, picks up the story with the Battalion returning to Ramsbury, their base in England, to re-group, re-equip and prepare for the jump into Holland to help liberate the Dutch town of Eindhoven. We then follow 3/506th as they struggle to secure 'Hells Highway' and 'The Bloody Muddy Island'. With Holland now secure the Regiment is rushed into Belgium and to the hell that was Bastogne.  Finally, we follow the 3/506th as it is dispatched into the heart of Nazi Germany, to Berchtesgaden and the ultimate prize; 'The Eagle's Nest', Hitler's Alpine retreat.

With the first film scheduled for release in 2009 to coincide with the publication of the book, the Producers said "We soon realised very early on during the production phase that the required format for a one-off television show was going to be too restrictive. To try and tell such an epic story as this in a short TV format was unrealistic. So, we took the decision to make two films and distribute them on DVD".

Film-maker, John Sushams, produces and directs 'The Forgotten Battalion' drawing on over twenty five years experience in programme making. Historian, Ian Gardner, extracts previously undisclosed stories from the contributors using his extensive knowledge of the period and his special relationship with the contributors. Composer and musician, Nick Dodd, scores and produces a beautiful and moving soundtrack.

Filmed in High Definition, these are the frank and moving testimonies of a special band of men.

United States Army Paratroopers Emplaning United States Army Paratroopers United States Army Airfield


Due for release in Spring 2009. Preorder your Copy of The Forgotten Battalion today.