An American Airborne Epic Part 1


Ed Shames. A 3rd Battalion veteran.Foreword by Ed Shames. A 3rd Battalion veteran.

Ed received the first 506th battlefield commission in Normandy.

He went on to serve with 'E' Company, the famous 'Band of Brothers'.

Please allow me to introduce you to the most factual history ever written about the battles that began the drive to free the European continent of the German armies. If you are a student of history, especially WWII history and the Battle of Normandy is of interest to you then prepare yourself for an experience very few readers have ever known.

Many books and accounts have been written about the invasion of Normandy but never have you read one that has been more accurate about the facts and events of this period of warfare. What makes me qualified to know what happened during the battle and the involvement of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division? I was there from the birth of the 506th at Toccoa, Georgia in early September 1942 and participated in every battle from the jump into Normandy to the capture of Berchtesgaden.

As the "Operations Sergeant" of the Third Battalion 506th, it was my responsibility to construct "Sand Tables" for the purposes of briefing the entire battalion as to where they would land and assemble. I also had to point out each company's battle objectives once they had regrouped on the ground into fighting units. Many times since the war years, I have walked over the grounds and hedgerows of Normandy and have been privileged on several such occasions to do so with the authors of this book. My dear friends Ian Gardner and Roger Day have meticulously researched Ramsbury and the battle for Normandy to such a fine degree that no other historical manual can be anywhere near the perfection of truth and events. As part of this historical masterpiece there are remarkably detailed maps and charts which allow the reader to retrace the steps and movements of the paratroopers as they fought to secure Normandy and its place in history. When I read their manuscript I felt that I was again in my parachute and beginning my odyssey of the Great War that started with my touchdown in Carentan, Normandy, France. This book is truly a work of historical art.

Edward D. Shames
Virginia Beach
Virginia, USA
22nd February

United States Army Screaming Eagles Training Camp Toccoa United States Army Currahees


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